transient / animal – matt margo

 by matt margo in issue01, poetry, zine



(for eva hesse)


the angular forms of these disused machines Ȱ the season Ȱ now a columnist Ȱ individual households Ȱ a valid family Ȱ fashion talk Ȱ state of chaos Ȱ all on the outskirts of the borough Ȱ organ builder Ȱ clone of the hero Ȱ the second highest mountain Ȱ friends dancing in the rain Ȱ no moon at all Ȱ binomial name Ȱ the bedrock basis of the marvels Ȱ matrices Ȱ three minutes from the end Ȱ drafting a new constitution Ȱ protecting the vessel Ȱ an imprint






(for greer lankton)


gunboats Ȫ grand square Ȫ sorrow and fear Ȫ a conspicuous headland forming Ȫ from the boat Ȫ world service Ȫ actress Ȫ previously independent Ȫ the metaphysical one Ȫ and bows and arrows Ȫ melodic death metal Ȫ warmer weather Ȫ romanized Ȫ minor planet Ȫ in the metropolis Ȫ possibly the largest flowers Ȫ to the west Ȫ political graveyard Ȫ animalia Ȫ living people



Matt Margo is a person who writes. They are author of the poetry chapbook Blueberry Lemonade 
(Bottlecap Press, 2015) and editor of the online poetry magazine Zoomoozophone Review.
matt margotransient / animal – matt margo